Case Studies

The following case studies are examples of our products in action! You will see how our power quality analyzers can help to identify power related problems by providing detailed and reliable diagnostic analysis.

Capturing Softstarter Operation

In this case study a Softstarter was used to start a 5500Hp induction motor on a relatively weak power system In addition to the Softstarter a Capacitor bank was connected for power factor compensation...

Capturing Generator Connection to Grid Transient

The PQPro with PV II software are the ideal tools for capturing and analyzing detailed power system information. In this case study a medium voltage (4160V, 3MW) three phase diesel driven generator was synchronized and then connected to the Grid...

Servo Press Monitoring

servo press
Monitoring the electrical characteristics of the input to a servo press is a demanding prospect. Current can change from no load to full load in a fraction of a second. The press can go from absorbing power to generating power in a few cycles.

UPS Operation

Single phase UPS input and output AC voltage and current and internal battery voltage and current were monitored by a PQPro power quality analyzer/data recorder. The PQPro was configured to record continuous waveform data with a resolution of...

Voltage and Frequency Droop Monitoring for Standby Generators

voltage droop
An important characteristic of standby generators is their voltage and frequency response to sudden changes in load...

Using Measured & Calculated Neutral Currents To Find Grounding Issues

Some engineers distrust calculating neutral current from a measurement of three phase currents however it may not always be possible to put a current clamp around the neutral line....