2S, 12S, 16S

Meter Base Adaptor

The MBA series Meter Base Adaptor provides a simple and secured method to connect varieties of metering installations with Candura’s power monitors (PQPro or EnergyPro). This enables investigation of PQ-related customer complaints, Smart Meters kWHr verification , Energy audits and system studies.

Key Components

Meter Base Extender Adaptor - to be installed between the Smart Meter and the Meter Base, includes measurement CT’s and neutral connector.

Meter Locking Ring - to secure the adaptor to the Meter Base.

Nylon Corrugated Conduit - with fused voltage leads and CT output leads for signal connections to Candura’s power monitors, and liquid tight fittings (for 1.2” diameter enclosure hole).

IP 67 Rated Enclosure* - to house the power monitor outdoors and store the MBA-2S Kit.

Multiple Lockout Hasp* - with vinyl coated galvanized steel cable. Secure the power monitor enclosure to the service supply conduit.

*   Sold Separately


Power Quality and Energy Monitoring and Analysis - with the Smart Meter under normal operation (current flows through Meter). Collect data and analyze using PV II data analysis software.

Interval Data Verification - extract time specific kWHr usage (using software).

System Studies - energy audits and evaluation of energy and infrastructure utilization, including load diversity and service loading.

Key Features


Easy Installation - with the Power Monitors set up in advance - Install, Start Recording, Secure your Enclosure and Go!