Meter Installation Verification

Introducing MIV (Meter Installation Verifcation) Application for the PQPro. Quickly and conveniently verify transformer type metering installations to Measurement Canada specifications.The MIV application can be used in either Standalone Mode or Wireless Mode.

Standalone Mode:
In this mode, MIV tests are performed from the front panel of the PQPro. All collected data are saved on a removable SD memory card, then open by the MIV software to generate PDF report.

Wireless Mode:
In this mode, MIV tests are performed from the MIV software. All collected data are transmitted in real time from the PQPro to a computer via Bluetooth connection. During the test, the MIV software can access more enhanced features in addition to Standalone mode.

Package include:
  • Magnetic Optical Probe - IR pulse sensor, magnetic latching for ANSI TYPE II optical port
  • Manual Trigger - for manual pulse count
  • MIV Pulse Counter Interface box - connect between the probe and the PQPro
  • Test Plugs for use with test switch current test jacks
  • MIV Software and Firmware
  • * Articulating Arm Optical Probe - with rubber tubing and mounting bracket

① PQPro, voltage leads and CTs are sold separately.
* Optional

Software Features