Here are some of our customers and their comments:




Reference Letters

"I am extremely pleased with both the Candura Power Pro as well as extensive recent use with the Energy Pro and I am fairly comfortable with the PowerView software. Both units are very impressive regarding their quick setup capabilities."

"... the Candura Instruments equipment has proven to be an invaluable resource when diagnosing and solving issues ranging from transformer loading issues to power quality issues involving voltage magnitudes, sags/swells, flicker, transients and harmonics. "

"... found them to be environmentally robust, simple to use and reliable. "

"Candura Instruments has provided us with prompt and technically comprehensive services and excellent customer support. "

"... I have used a few power quality instruments and I am unbiased in saying that the Candura Instruments - Powerpro is ranked very highly among them."

"... PowerPro - It provides an excellent solution for Powerlinks PQ measurement needs - i.e. all the measurements we need to do are 'all in one box'."

"... thank you for the A1 service you provide."

"... your EnergyPro is a hit with me!"

"... I had a very successful survey using the PowerPro with Current Inrush and Spike Detect capability. The suspicion was that a fairly hefty isolation transformer on the output was causing fuse blowing (and sometimes catastrophic failure) on a static switch at the site in question. The PowerPro was able to verify exactly what the inrush conditions were."

"To date the PowerPro has been used extensively ... with good results..."

"I am very pleased with your service and would highly recommend your company & products to anyone."

"Your meter carries nicely, is quick to connect and I was able to look at the data quickly.... I'm sold as a user. With my suit and tie, I was on in 5 minutes and picked it up after lunch."